Trauma Guidelines

These resources serve as a guideline only. Individual circumstances may vary and clinical judgment should always be used. When in doubt, consult with the trauma attending on-call.

These guidelines were developed by the Trauma Team Leaders in the Departments of Surgery and Emergency Medicine at the University of Toronto. They are designed as an evidenced-based resource to inform and guide decision-making in the care of the injured patient. 

Please note: Development of these guidelines is a dynamic and lengthy process. Therefore, a guideline bearing the UofT Trauma Program logo has been derived through consensus from the attending staff at both adult trauma centres (St. Michael's Hospital, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre).  If the guideline has not yet been reviewed by both centres, then it will only have the logo of the centre for which the guideline has been approved. 

U of T Trauma Program Launches App

The U of T Trauma Program has recently launched an iOS, and Android to make our protocols easily available to all involved in the care of our injured patients. You can download them, for free, at the following links: 

App Store

Or access them online at

Trauma Care White Board Video

Dear Trauma Colleague,

We are excited to share with you our brand-new Trauma Care White Board Video. Based upon an identified need for trauma education resources, we sought to create a unique video that delivers high yield information on community trauma management and transport. This project was a collaborative effort with input from a diverse group of community and academic pediatric and adult trauma care providers and covers important commonalities and differences when caring for diverse patient populations. Of note, the video briefly references Ontario specific trauma services, however, the core content of the video is applicable to trauma care across Canada.

Our hope is to reach as large an audience as possible, and with your help we look to have a coordinated release of the video on March 8th 2018. This would include posting an active link on your website as well as sharing broadly over social media platforms and mailing lists.

Once the video has been released, we hope to evaluate its utility as an educational tool using a future survey. We would sincerely appreciate participation from those interested in providing feedback/constructive criticism that will inform future projects and serve to elevate innovation in medical education going forward.

We sincerely appreciate your time and effort in sharing this project, please find the active link below and the transport checklists that are on the website as well.

Alun Ackery, Suzanne Beno and Kealin Wong

Funding for the video was provided by University of Toronto Trauma & ACS, Sunnybrook Hospital, SickKids and St. Michael’s Hospital. The primary authors and developers of the video: Dr. Alun Ackery (SMH), Dr. Suzanne Beno (SickKids), and Dr. Kealin Wong (UofT, PGY2) have no conflicts of interest to declare.