Hand and Upper Extremity Program / Education and Fellowship

Hand Educational Rounds are held every Thursday morning, and topics range from difficult and unusual hand cases to lectures and invited speakers. Hand Instructional Sessions are held every Wednesday afternoon, and topics range from hand and wrist examination to oral examination preparation.

Our fellowship training program is 6 to 12 months in length. Our practice is concentrated in the area of adult hand surgery, and includes a broad spectrum of reconstructive problems, hand trauma, arthritis, surgery and peripheral nerve problems. We are also involved in a moderate amount of microsurgical activity, and our hospital is the replantation centre for metropolitan Toronto. As such, fellows can gain excellent exposure or experience in microvascular techniques. Although our practice is largely limited to the treatment of adults, under special circumstances, we can arrange for our fellows to spend some time at The Hospital for Sick Children, where there is a large practice in congenital hand problems.

We also have several research opportunities available. We have a strong focus in clinical epidemiology, and a number of clinical and basic science research projects are ongoing. Fellows in our program are compelled to participate in these, and we think that they are a valuable adjunct to clinical training.

Salaries for non-Canadian fellows are no longer available. Similarly, we cannot provide expenses for travel or accommodation. Funding for fellows is paid directly by our program through funds that are generated from surgical assistant fees by the fellows. As a consequence, eligibility for licensure in Ontario is an important consideration for appointment to our program; however, we are willing to review the applications of individuals who do not meet these eligibility requirements under certain circumstances.

Successful applicants must obtain a full license or an educational license to practice medicine in Ontario. Information can be obtained from The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario<http://www.cpso.on.ca/>. We would be happy to meet with you any time, should you be in Toronto.

Full application information and eligibility requirements can be found at the University of Toronto Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowships website at: https://www.uoftplasticsurgery.ca/education/fellowships/fellowship-positions/hand-and-upper-extremity-surgery/.