Continuing Education

Continuing education in the Division of General Surgery at the University of Toronto is an increasingly large enterprise. The mandate of our program is to spark knowledge transfer in the varied areas of general surgery. New knowledge is being created at an ever increasing rate and it is a crucial challenge to help facilitate uptake of this knowledge by practicing surgeons. 

We are fortunate to be closely associated with the Faculty of Medicine Continuing Education team. In association with this group, we are able to offer a wide range courses. These courses are specifically aimed at practicing surgeons but their appeal often extends along the continuum of surgical learners. 

Courses of specific interest are: 

Update in General Surgery
Toronto Surgical Oncology rounds (TORSO)
Trauma Course
PGME Timelines:  PGME Detailed Registration Timeline .pdf (410.36 KB)

Once you have been accepted into a Fellowship Program, these are the timelines to expect from the Post Graduate Medical Education Office.  

In addition to these formal courses, the Division of General Surgery boasts a series of special initiatives and programs that are used to facilitate continuing education. Of particular interest are the evidence-based review in surgery and Best Practices in General Surgery (BPiGS). 

Finally, University of Toronto faculty play a major role in the design and operation of educational offerings at Cancer Care Ontario

Interprofessional Education (IPE)