Fellowship in Neurosurgical Public Health

Division of Neurosurgery, University of Toronto
St. Michael's Hospital

St Michael's

Michael Cusimano

Term of Appointment

Ideally completed in 2 years.

Positions Available

Posts for 1 fellow per year.


St. Michael’s Hospital is a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto located in downtown Toronto.  The Division of Neurosurgery is the most active in Canada, performing procedures in cerebrovascular, neurooncology, skull base, pituitary, spinal, peripheral nerve, microvascular, trauma and cranial nerves.  Undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University rotate through the service.  Research in a variety of areas is undertaken.  Research is an essential and major component of each Fellowship.


It is a multi-faceted Fellowship which includes:

  • Course work leading to a Masters degree (optional)
  • Public Health research
  • Attendance at educational rounds
  • Practical teaching experience

If the Masters degree in education is desired, the degree is granted from the University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.All candidates are expected to become involved in public health research, and by the end of the Fellowship, will be equipped to become leaders in neurosurgical public health.


Fellows should not depend on funding from Canadian sources.  Very limited funds may be available for partial support of candidates, but this may require application to funding agencies, so applicants generally must provide proof of his or her own funding for the duration of the Fellowship.If one wishes to obtain a Masters degree, application must also be made to the Institute of Medical Sciences for entry into coursework.

Application materials for this component of the Fellowship should be obtained from: http://www.ims.utoronto.ca/prospective/admissions.htm

Contact Information

Michael Cusimano, MD, MHPE, FRCS, DABNS, PhD, FACS
St. Michael's Hospital
Division of Neurosurgery
30 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W8

Inquiries:  mountain@smh.ca

Application Procedure

Please submit the following by email to the Fellowship Contact:

  • CV
  • Letters of reference (3)
  • Proposed start date
  • Details of any self-funding for the fellowship
  • Specific title and hospital of the fellowship for which you are applying