Mark Bernstein

About Dr. Mark Bernstein

Dr. Mark Bernstein is a neurosurgeon at the Toronto Western Hospital. His clinical and research interests focus on neuro-oncology, and qualitative research on the ethics of surgical innovation, error and patient safety, conflict of interest, surgical education, and informed consent. He is also a home-based palliative care physician with The Temmy Latner Center for Palliative Care at Mount Sinai Hospital


Efforts Abroad


Dr. Mark Bernstein currently holds the Greg Wilkins-Barrick Chair in International Surgery. His work focuses on the surgical education of novel and sustainable neurosurgical techniques, most notably awake craniotomy. He is the first surgeon to ever perform and teach this procedure in several countries. He also focuses on teaching critical thinking, bioethics, and qualitative research techniques to the residents and staff in host countries.


Dr. Bernstein has brought students, residents, nurses, anesthetists, and other colleagues on his missions, and has encouraged global neurosurgery residents to fulfill fellowships in Toronto in the spirit of bilateral exchange. He supports through his Chair a Women in Neurosurgery Award and a University of Toronto medical student award to acculturate global surgical activity. Most of his overseas efforts have been Southeast Asia and sub-Saharan Africa and most recently in Kenya.

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