About Dr. John Wedge

Dr. John Wedge is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon, who has served on many boards, societies, and organizations. His research and clinical interests focus orthopedic disorders, reconstructive surgery, and the management of cerebral palsy. He is the past president of the Canadian Orthopaedic Research Society and an international authority on complex surgical hip reconstruction. Dr. Wedge also chairs the Sick Kids International Advisory Board, which provided the guidance for the building of a 180-bed children’s hospital in Qatar in 2012.

Efforts Abroad

Dr. Wedge has travelled to Qatar over 13 times in the past 6 years alone. He has facilitated the design of the children’s hospital in Doha, involving some of the world’s top architects. A grant obtained through CIDA helps support the project and its long-term sustainability. In addition, Dr. Wedge manages an advisory committee that aims to facilitate supportive relationships between Sick Kids and the health professionals of the Hamad Medical Centre, which was built as a joint venture between Cornell’s Medical School and the government of Qatar. His goal is to develop and implement a sustainable infrastructure for the hospital, and ensure its longevity with the aid of a relationship with Sick Kids. Rather than recruit patients with complex cases to Toronto, the project strives to recruit and train the most reputable and competent sta members in Qatar. Sick Kids nurses health managers from the Surgery, OR, ER, research and education domains have been recruited to work in Qatar for 3-month periods, during which they provide clinical training and management techniques.