About Dr. Allan Okrainec

Dr. Okrainec is a staff surgeon at the Toronto Western Hospital with a clinical focus in minimally invasive abdominal and gastrointestinal surgery. His research focuses on the use of simulation for teaching and assessing laparoscopic skills.

Efforts Abroad

Dr. Allan Okrainec is the Director of the Temerty-Chang International Centre for Telesimulation and Innovation in Medical Education, which focuses on medical education and research in resource-restricted and remote regions. He has lead several innovative training techniques, particularly laparoscopic skills, for surgeons overseas through the use of telesimulation – an educational tool that uses the Internet and webcams to link trainers and trainees.

Dr. Okrainec’s previous and current projects have spanned across South America, Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe. The long-term aim is to provide worldwide simulation skill training to remote regions, including virtual reality and team-based models, to all medical specialties. Research projects are integrated into these training models, and focus on assessment tool validation, curriculum development and implementation, and the evaluation of training programs.